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Harassed or Sued by a Collection Company?
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We can stop debt harassment, defend you against a debt collection lawsuit, and represent you as a consumer advocate!

You May be Entitled To $1,500 For Each Unwanted Collection Call!

Did you know that you are protected from unsolicited collection calls by something called TCPA? This means that after you have informed a debt collection company that you do not want any further phone calls and you continue to receive them, you may be entitled to $1,500 per phone call. Just think, if you receive 100 phone calls, you could receive $150,000! You would imagine those collection companies would stop after being sued, but this is not the case. They simply make too much money harassing people through robo-dialers. Our firm can stop the collections industry's predatory actions!

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Your case is in the right hands at Young’s Law Firm, P.A.. Attorney Young Kim is an ardent lawyer who will thoroughly and competently represent you throughout the entire legal process. Whether you’re facing a lawsuit because of an outstanding debt, debt harassment, or you need assistance in repairing your credit, you can contact attorney Young Kim for assistance. Call today for:

Debt Collection Defense
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Credit Repair

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Young’s Law Firm P.A. is your go-to for consumer advocacy, debt harassment, credit repair, and credit card defense. Attorney Young B. Kim fights for you, the consumer, and strives to bring you the best outcome in your consumer advocacy, debt harassment, credit repair, or credit card defense case with the least amount of hassle.

Whether you have been repeatedly called and harassed by debt collectors, had your credit ruined by credit reporters, been stiffed by a big corporation, etc., Young’s Law Firm will use its expertise to defend you in a court of law.